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Aaraa is your online jewelry and accessories destination! We curate the best items in on-trend and wanderlust inspired goods with a nod to the bohemian.

From statement earrings, delicate necklaces, rings for stacking, vegan handbags in beautiful colors and silhouettes - our assortment has been known to please many style lovers. We source products from all over the world with a deep love for pieces from India, where owner Neeta King is from. New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Italy, Brazil- wherever our artists reside is where our unique pieces come from. 

Our assortment of products is a mix of fast and fashionable styles of the current trends offered in an irresistibly affordable manor - balancing with higher quality designs you will have for the long haul. At the heart of Aaraa we are animal lovers and we proudly only carry vegan handbags and accessories. 





Neeta King

Aaraa Founder

What began as pursuit to bring a touch of culture to the charming town of Hoboken, New Jersey blossomed into an accessory lovers fantasy. A small shop started in 2001 on a side street in a mile-square town that was noted as “up and coming” carried bits of home décor and jewelry with a touch of flair from India. This was the vision of shop owner Neeta King; this vision was the beginning of Aaraa.
Aaraa translates to embellish or adorn and that is exactly what happens when one shops the site. The pieces carried are carefully chosen to bring a special feeling to the wearer and there is nowhere too far to source them. The Aaraa buying team happily travels the world to bring unique and interesting items to their very loyal clientele.
Tiffany Piñero
Business Partner, Buyer and Brand Stylist 
Tiffany has a background in fashion design, wardrobe and home styling. She has had an affinity for accessories since acquiring her favorite plastic bracelets from the supermarket gumball machine in 1988. Tiffany loves bringing on trendy items for Aaraa customers and giving them multiple ways to wear their new treasures- she loves when people not only see but feel the value of their purchase. When she's not working on Aaraa things she runs her own styling company Tiffany Piñero Style, enjoys time with her husband and french bulldog and loves a good spicy margarita.